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I wrote ' detailed anal double ' a few mypornmotion months ago my deeds first with Kerry. From the hell is normal for me was that she was a real dirty bitch does absolutely everything he said. I took in the SH -site and met with a few couples here and a man for a 3some. Kerry put an ad in a bi guy says he would love to see another cock I suck. ' you saw me lick the pussy of a woman and brought me to another language and then guys ass my DP, so now I'm at it, 'was his argument. not that I was there to discuss with her ​​about it. you place the ad and has several answers, and opted for a guy who liked the look I can not even remember his name now -.. I call Paul, said he was in the mouth with another man and let him fuck me, if you really have wanted Kerry. was wet and excited with the idea of ​​my other kind of shit in the ass. We met Paul at a pub near the home of Kerry, which was OK, that was loose with a good feelingof humor. After a few drinks we mypornmotion were all very relaxed and there is no shame at all. Paul followed mypornmotion us back to where Kerry and once inside, we sat on the couch - Kerry mypornmotion in the middle between the two. I started kissing Kerry, I realized it was so hot on the urgency began to kiss her, rub it on both of our cocks through our jeans, Paul groped her breasts while trying to get off her top. At no time was her top and bra, both in the field, Paul and I took a nipple and licked and sucked all hard. 'Bite them bastards I'm so hot,' he said, so of course we obliged. Get on your knees bitch and get out of our tails, I said.. She had jumped out of my jeans and underwear in one swift move, my 7 ' hard cock in her eyes, she did the same with Paul and his tail was similar in size to me, I began to suck first - which has an incredible blowjob. its cold wet mouth felt so good on my helmet swollen, it took me untilthe mouth as possible, and then continued to suck like this for a minute or less. Then he turned and Paul did the same to him. I stood up and removed the rest of Kerry 's clothes and began to beat his bare ass - sucking fucking bitch, I mypornmotion said. Now I said I want to lick his ass, Paul bent over the couch and spread her ass cheeks Kerry and gave a good tonguing, licking all her tight hole then pushed his tongue as far as possible. She put a finger in a cry of Paul brought, he added another finger and started to pick with two fingers. You know I love you just suck my cock from her ass, so they took two fingers and licked and sucked them while lookg me straight in the eye. Her pussy was soaking wet by now I was rubbing her thigh juices ran my cock in her juices, coating completely. Fuck me, asked me in mypornmotion all good time baby, I said. Paul is going on in her juices from my first contact with the cock. Paul told tor back lying on the couch, so Kerry could still licking his ass and fingers and I was able to feed my cock into her mouth. The look on Kerry 's face was priceless, offering to suck my cock covered with her ​​juices Paul. I could not in his mouth fast enough, that was used, obviously the same, as if he knew what he was doing. Kerry mypornmotion came up and kissed me, I like Paul fucked in the mouth. mypornmotion She is on her knees and spread my cheeks and started licking her ass as I fucked to the mouth of Paul, began fingering my ass, and after 5 minutes of this I could feel the semen in the increase of the balls. Kerry felt that she put her face with Paul, they both wanted to run in - the first mypornmotion collection of semen hit Paul in the face, then they taught me in the mouth and in Kerry 's face and mouth - apparently the probably loads of cum, as I was very excited. The two of them kissed and licked each other 's sperm, Kerry kissed me and told me some of my guts. Then we went to the room, Kerry now took control. She sent me to bed first with Paul in a 69 position. She took Paul 's cock in his hand and his mouth. Instinctively he opened and began to suck first. She said it looked like a bitch and sucking it harder and head bob up and down its length. Paul had the cock back to hardness licked and sucked my cock and balls, fingers probing for ass. He pushed two fingers inside, as he continued to lick mypornmotion my balls. Now lick ass, she told me what I did, but not enough enthusiasm for his taste. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face into your ass, shit to do mypornmotion things right, crying. She went to the closet and returned a minute later, was killed almost the entire load for the second time mypornmotion I looked amazing, her tits 34DD black cord hanging from a Basque keep black stockings, high heals and a black plastic 8 ' cock to waste it. attached only a liHuttle something I bought for tonight, said now that the first time? n It made ​​us both knees on the bed, ass in the air, applied to a lot of lube and rubbed it on the two assholes ensure that slipped two fingers in as well. They are the first dog, I said, I went to, if only a few fingers in my ass before the damn time, but luckily not too thick. She pushed him gently on my ass, it hurt at first, but kept him there for a while so that little by little within mypornmotion the facility. The pain / pleasure is intense, half of it, he said. Damn I was not confident of them all. At 6 'inside had been removed then I started fucking with him I was holding firm bed and complained loudly -.. really fucking like a bitch, I said Paul said to my mouth, so rammed his cock in my mouth and my mouth is shit hard. Kerry had been rammed the pace again and built the whole cock in and out of my ass I could feel myself the chords hmy ass cheeks as she hit me. It was the best feeling in the world, my girlfriend fucked hard sexy face while she gets fucked by a man â € ' it was heaven. Paul said he had to cum, cum in her mouth, Kerry told him, and donâ € ™ t whore swallows everything. mypornmotion 's when it started to cum, I realized it was the first time the night is a gallon of things. I had no other option than half of what some have dribbled out of my mouth to swallow. Kerry out of my ass and ordered Paul to fuck me before it was too soft. it felt good with a real cock in me, as much as the plastic. Kerry asked me to cover with black tail sperm in the mouth to the left and then lick and suck all -. I enthusiastically committed while Paul said that out of my ass and I had to lick clean Paul was given the same treatment. â € 'Kerry the last word and we do everything we said. When finished with us, I said it was now the turn â €'The preparation was humiliated bitches are shit. Bring it on everything they say, before she slapped me. Being hard on her, I told Paul, do what you want with him after the way both used by us. began biting and hitting her breasts, I want to see if I can handle the dog, he said. got four fingers and thumb in a lubricant quite easily then used the rest of his hand into her pussy. yelled gimme that pussy , and Iâ € ™ m like a slut, etc. Get that black cock in the ass to fuck, I said. I was fucking her face hard, while Paul hit the dildo in and out of her ass was hard and fisting pussy. Then we tied to the bed, DPed she hit us a bit and filled with semen. When we finished his body was red and had bite marks on my tits, ass and thighs. There was a clock of 5, when Paul left. Before leaving, I tied Kerry € ™ s hands behind his back and dragged her to the bathroom. I told him to kneel in the bathtub and open their mouth as Paul and I get angry with her. We wanted out of his mouth, face and hair. We'll see you two together again before leaving Kerry asked. Why not think it was a fucking good - I got on mypornmotion mypornmotion my knees and sucked until Paul was hard again, then he bent me over the tub and grabbed me hard until he came into my ass. She licked my balls and ass before bending over, I shit on it. Kerry then forced by sucking the semen of our two donkeys. Damn what a night! Unfortunately, still have nothing on this night, like his rival.
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